“Bionetics is an interactive system of assessment and exercise designed to restore and enhance the human body.”


The only way to burn APEX fat, the highest amount possible, is to understand the accurate specifics of your body’s fat burning potential. Accurate detailed analysis’ cannot be found in the fad diets and weight loss ads that you read in magazines every week. The Bionetic TRM Assessment uses our proprietary Triglyceride Reduction Matrix that measures the molecules of your body’s oxygen and carbon dioxide production. This can pin point (to the gram) your body’s fat burning capacity and properly calibrates a fat loss plan specific for your body. Your fat loss is tracked, documented and reassessed as your metabolism changes with the programming to ensure optimal fat loss during every phase of your journey.


If a muscle cannot contract properly it cannot grow properly. The Bionetic NPR Assessment analyzes the contractile ability of the muscle fibers in the specific areas of your body that you are wanting to develop to ensure the individual muscle fibers are contracting to allow APEX levels of development. This assessment is followed with Bionetic Precision Loading session(s), which show you how to properly position and move your bones in the specific manner needed for maximum contraction to provide APEX levels of growth and development.


Muscles attach to bones that rest in joints. When muscles do not contract properly, the bones do not move properly in the joints, creating irregular wear and tear which leads to chronic pain, degenerative diseases and permanent damage. The Bionetic NPR Health and Chronic Pain Assessment not only measures the range of motion of joint capacity, but it assesses the contractile ability of the muscles. These muscles control the bones and the joints to restore the proper alignment of the joint which alleviates pain and extends the quality of life in your body.


Whether you want to jump higher, run faster, or throw farther, Bionetics will enhance the performance of your body. Our proprietary Performance Programming has been used by numerous Olympic teams, Olympic medalists, and professional athletes. It has also been used by elite branches of the United States government, such as US Navy Seals, US Forced Recon and the Secret Service.


You can only obtain the technical golf positions your body allows. Golfnetic Programming assesses, restores and enhances the muscles in the specific places needed to obtain and maintain the proper technical positions throughout your golf swing. Golfnetics has been used by winners on every major professional golf tour.


“Bionetics™ is not only cutting edge and revolutionary in bio-performance development, it is advanced beyond anything I have witnessed over the past 20 years in the medical industry.”

Dr. David Wooding M.D

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