Used by Winners on Every Major Golf Tour

Bionetics & Golf = Golfnetics

Golfnetics was created by Athletic Apex Founder, Randall Hunt, who in addition to being a Class A PGA professional, worked as a Golfnetic Specialist on the PGA Tour for three years. There he worked with some of the best players in the world, including Jason Day, who is currently ranked number one. During his years on tour, Randall discover patterns and traits that all great golfers had in common to identify the specific muscles and ranges of motion needed for APEX golf performance. Not only did Randall help the best players in the world reach their APEX, but his system has helped thousands of golfers reach performance and speeds in their golf performance that they never imagined possible. Golfnetics has been used by winners on every major professional golf tour.

You can only obtain the technical golf positions your body allows. Golfnetic Programming assesses, restores and enhances the muscles in the specific places needed to obtain and maintain the proper technical positions throughout your golf swing. Playing golf on a misaligned structure will not only hinder performance, but also cause irregular wear and tear on the joints, creating pain and shortening the golf life of your body. Whether you are a PGA Tour professional, or weekend golfer looking to enhance performance and play golf longer, Golfnetics is the program for you.

“Golfnetics™ helps me understand how my body moves for golf. The Golfnetic™ evaluation exposes the specific imbalances in my body that hinder my golf performance. The Golfnetic corrective exercise program not only addresses and corrected my specific imbalances but helps the entire structure of my body move more efficiently for golf. Whether you’re a beginning golfer or tour veteran Golfnetics™ can take your golf game to the next level.”

Michael Allen, 2009 Senior PGA Champion, Longest Full-Time Member on the PGA Tour 

“Randall’s knowledge of bio-mechanics combined with his thorough knowledge of the swing gives him an advantage over many trainers.  He is an excellent player having played professionally for a number of years and not only does his swing look fantastic; he has the power of a long drive champion.  He is devoted to excellence and will make a difference in your ability to compete at a higher level, no matter if you are new to the game or an aspiring Tour player!”

Brad Faxon, 19 Professional Victories, 2-Time Ryder Cup Member

“Being a 15-year LPGA tour veteran, my body has taken a toll from many rounds of golf and miles of travel.  Golfnetics™ has not only healed injuries I’ve acquired over my career, but has rejuvenated my flexibility and strength, which in turn will extend my career for many more years to come.  It’s great to feel young again!  Thanks Golfnetics!™”

Wendy Ward, 4-time LPGA Tour Winner, 2008 Women’s Golf Hall of Fame Inductee

“Golfnetics™ has taken my golf game to levels I never imagined. Golfnetics™ has transformed my body for golf making me a more accurate, consistent, efficient and powerful ball striker. I strongly recommend Golfnetics™ for anyone struggling with flexibility or strength in their swing. I can’t recommend Golfnetics™ enough. It will take your golf game to levels you didn’t know existed.

Joshua Wooding, 2009 Hooters Tour Champion, Collegiate All-American

“As a competitive senior golfer nothing is more important than health. All golfers or athletes, in general, live in two worlds: performance/instruction, fitness. The Golfnetics™ system provides me with a performance enhancing program that allows me to optimize my flexibility, strengthen my core and protect myself against possible injury as I practice or compete.  At this stage of life, it is important to maintain a foundation so as I grow older I do not lose those physical qualities that impair my performance. Though Golfnetics™ I can confidently manage my wellbeing allowing me to focus on performance with the confidence that physically I am protected from self inflicted injury. If you care about health, you owe it to yourself to use the Golfnetics™ system.”

Jody Vasquez, Author of “Afternoons with Mr. Hogan,” Golf Digest Golf Course Analyst

“The day after my fist Golfnetic™ session I hit the ball 20 yards further off the tee. The results are amazing.”

Sherri Scifres

“Using Golfentics™ has allowed me to hit the ball a club longer, and the added flexibility allows me to again roll putts smoothly. Anybody who wants to feel better and get in better condition for golf would do well to use the Bionetics™ program.”

Burl Daniel

“As a 15 handicap, it had always been a personal goal of mine to one day shoot my age. Hours after my first Golfnetic™ session not only did I feel freedom and mobility in my body like I never imagined that allowed me to turn effortlessly through the ball; I went out and shot 73 for the first time in my life.”

Dr. Ed Sankary, Age 77

“My handicap dropped 8 strokes in a month with Golfnetics™. I always had a good short game but now I hit more greens which puts me in position to score more frequently. Golfnetics™ has changed my life!”

Steve Johnson, Satisfied Customer

“For years I couldn’t play more than twice a week because my body always hurt. Thanks to Golfnetics™ not only can I play every day, I play better which has changed my entire golf experience.”

William Green, Satisfied Customer

“I’m playing the best golf of my life. I wish I had Golfnetics™ 30 years ago.”

James Alexander, Satisfied Customer

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