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Many people will go through life never experiencing the true functional capacity of their bodies, while millions will settle to live with constant aches and pains that could have been corrected. Many people will not make an effort to maximize the life of their bodies. Even worse, some will try to enhance their bodies, but will go about it incorrectly, creating unnecessary wear and tear on their joints that will take years off their body’s functional life. Exercise is one of the most invasive things you can do to your body. Exercise performed improperly can make your body vulnerable to injury or prone to degenerative diseases, like arthritis, and can cause permanent, irreversible damage to the structure of your body. Alternatively, exercise performed properly will raise your resilience to injury, enhance performance, protect you from degenerative diseases, transform your physical appearance, and add years to the functional life of your body.

Muscles attach to bones that rest in joints. When muscles do not contract properly, the bones do not move properly in the joints, creating irregular wear and tear which leads to chronic pain, degenerative diseases and permanent damage. The Bionetic NPR Health and Chronic Pain Assessment not only measures the range of motion of joint capacity, but it assesses the contractile ability of the muscles. These muscles control the bones and the joints to restore the proper alignment of the joint which alleviates pain and extends the quality of life in your body.

Health&Chronic Pain Testimonials

Bionetics™ fixed my hips. I had suffered for about 18 months or more with horrible pain whenever I got up or sat down and when I walked. I was really becoming crippled with this. Bionetics™ fixed it in one visit!!! I have since been able to walk distances and I did a 5K which included running, walking, hiking up hills and an obstacle course and my hips never hurt. I and everyone who is close to me is amazed how I walk straight now and am out of chronic pain. Thank you, Bionetics™.

Mary Reimschusesel

“In over 25 years in the fitness industry I have never seen anything as impressive as Bionetics™. In just 3 short months of doing Bionetics™ my results are incredible!”

Jimmy Mak, Senior VP Larry North Fitness

“I would recommend Bionetics™ to anyone desirous of improving and learning his or her actual performance potential.”

Dr. David Stone

“Bionetics™ is not only cutting edge and revolutionary in bio-performance development, it is advanced beyond anything I have witnessed over the past 20 years in the medical industry.”

Dr. David Wooding M.D

“I would recommend Bionetics™ to anyone seeking to take the performance of their body to the next level.”

Larry North

“Bionetics™ is what I trust with my personal health. Bionetics™ has helped me immensely!”

Lanny Bassham

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