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Bionetics & Muscle Development

True muscle development is not about how much weight you can lift, but rather how much weight you can control. How you align your bones, the angle of the line of force, and the direction you push, have a direct correlation to what muscle fibers are activated and developed. Lifting improperly can create significant muscle imbalances and irregularly shape the muscle fibers. Bionetic Muscle Development goes deeper into the desired muscle groups that you want to develop. For example, a traditional exercise routine may want to focus on the “butt.” The butt is a very complex compound of muscles. And depending on how you want to shape your glutes, a Bionetic Muscle Development Program will focus on the combination of the iliac, sacral and coccygeal fibers of the glute maximus muscle or the anterior and posterior fibers of the glute minimus. If further development is needed, we can strengthen deeper glute muscles such as the piriformis, quadratus femoris, superior and inferior gemellus.

If a muscle cannot contract properly it cannot grow properly. The Bionetic NPR Assessment analyzes the contractile ability of the muscle fibers in the specific areas of your body that you are wanting to develop to ensure the individual muscle fibers are contracting to allow APEX levels of development. This assessment is followed with Bionetic Precision Loading session(s), which show you how to properly position and move your bones in the specific manner needed for maximum contraction to provide APEX levels of growth and development.


“In over 25 years in the fitness industry I have never seen anything as impressive as Bionetics™. In just 3 short months of doing Bionetics™ my results are incredible!”

Jimmy Mak, Senior VP Larry North Fitness

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