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True APEX levels of performance can only be obtained on a properly aligned structure. The world’s most powerful race car is only as good as its alignment. The only power that is relative is the amount of power that can be used to keep the car on the track. Having a structure that is properly aligned allows you to fully release the power in your body. Building power for performance is extremely strategic and meticulous work. Building tissue in the wrong areas and or in the wrong sequence can not only hinder performance, but make the overall structure of the body drastically weaker while increasing the probability of injury.

Sport-specific loading requires a thorough understanding of mechanics and physics, which are the foundation of our Bionetic Performance Programming. Our proprietary Performance Programming has been used by the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, Texas University Athletics, United States Olympic Training Center, numerous Olympic teams, Olympic medalists, and world-renown professional athletes. It has also been used by elite branches of the United States Government, such as US Navy Seals, US Forced Recon and the Secret Service. Whether you are a professional athlete or simply want to run faster, jump higher or throw farther, Bionetics will enhance the performance of your body.

Bionetics has been used by


“Bionetics™ will change the way you look at the functional capacity of your body.”

Drew Brunson, 2008 NCAA National Champion Olympic Finalist

“I would recommend Bionetics™ to anyone seeking to take the performance of their body to the next level.”

Larry North, Best Selling Author, Fitness Industry Icon

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